• Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
    Noga Stiassny
    Fabian Schmidt

    Mapping Multilayered Relations of a Migrating Image

    The migration of images related to the visual history of the Holocaust occurs all the time. Even as one reads these lines, Holocaust images are migrating. One such image is the Number Tattoo, which has already established itself as a common visual trope of Auschwitz, or more precisely, of the figure of the survivor.

  • Evelyn Kreutzer
    Noga Stiassny

    This multi-modal project, composed of the following paper and the video essay “The Archival In-Between,” reflects on the connection between the concepts of trace and gaze as analytical paradigms of dealing with the (visual) memory of the Holocaust.

  • PARIS, TEXAS, DVD Reverse Angle Library GmbH © original copyright holders.

    Evelyn Kreutzer

    This video essay explores and reflects on the American West in Wim Wenders’ PARIS, TEXAS (1984) and Percy Adlon’s BAGDAD CAFÉ (1987) from both a personal, and a scholarly perspective.